Can’t get high-speed Internet? We have the solution.

Date:26 Aug, 2015

Can’t get high-speed Internet? We have the solution.

Internet over Microwave

Until recently, Microwaves have been used to transmit data between carriers and in large implementations. This is traditionally a cost prohibitive solution, but several providers have made it affordable to the average business. They’ve built a 100% pure fiber-optic backbone into the hillsides surrounding major metropolitan areas of California allowing them to beam microwave transmissions direct to you. Setup is easy. They install a small antenna on the roof of the building and bring the connection into your suite without penetrating any walls or roof top. Once in your suite, you connect to your network like any other Internet connection. Unlike satellite, microwave Internet is not affected by weather and is much more reliable.

Speeds of 1.5Mbps all the way up to 1,000Mbps are available and at a fraction of the cost of fiber. If you can’t get good service due to your location, microwave is the solution. They can service most areas in Southern California from Ventura to San Diego county. Prices start at $208.90 a month with little or no installation fee.


  • Fast and reliable communication rates
  • Good, domestic customer service 24 x 7, not 9-5
  • Increase service within hours on request with no equipment replacement
  • Run Internet and Voice of the same service
  • Install within 1-2 weeks vs 90-120 days with ground services


  • Symmetrical and Asymmetrical service offerings
  • Analog and Digital phone lines available
  • PRI/SIP voice lines also available
  • >25ms latency with financially backed SLA

Case Studies

  • Perfect solution for rural areas
  • Good for areas where affordable services  are unavailable
  • High scalability solutions
  • DR or hot failover scenarios

Free yourself from the worry of technology and get back to running your business today!