Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC)

Date:04 Aug, 2015

Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC)

Savvis – Centurylink Virtual Private Datacenter

Since Savvis was purchased by Centurylink along with Qwest, they can now offer a more robust product line. By far, the most scalable solution they have is their Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC) product.

Savvis offers one of the industry’s first enterprise-class virtual private data center solutions with multi-tiered security, service and network profiles. This solution gives customers the ability to create their desired virtual data center inside a secure, multi-tenant cloud from a set of predefined service levels. Visit the demo portal and see how easy it is to configure your own nationwide Enterprise network:

VPDC offers Enterprise networks the ability to build out entire datacenter solutions in the Cloud without having to purchase a single piece of hardware.


  • Enterprise class security feature
  • A broad range of data center services automatically built and managed with the click of a mouse
  • You select the Service Profile, whether you want an inexpensive test/dev environment or an affordable production ready cloud data center


  • Quickly and easily stand up entire cloud data centers on demand
  • Easy to use drag-n-drop interface
  • Pay for the hours you use your VPDC, flexing up and down on demand

Use Cases

  • Enterprise or large customers with a competent IT staff looking for more than canned servers from Amazon
  • High-availability deployments requiring geographical replication
  • High-end scalability

Contact CBC Solutions today to see about getting set up with this exciting service. Since pricing is scalable, the risk is low.

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